Are you a business owner whose desk is cluttered with business cards? Yes or No

Is your calendar filled with dates for attending networking events, classes, and         
business meetings that you are using solely to find new customers?
Yes or No


Are you spending more time at networking events than the number of times you get your teeth cleaned at the dentist per year? Yes or No


Are you operating under the false assumption that by attending networking events you are working your business? Yes or No


Do you leave networking events feeling inspired and motivated? Yes or No


Do you feel successful when you have a fist full of business cards? Yes or No


Are you tired of spending your time and money on networking events? Yes or No

Are you ready to learn My 5 Secrets to Networking Success? Yes or No



If you answered YES to any of the questions above YOU qualify to attend my Networking Detox Program: My 5 Secrets to Networking Success.


Networking Detox: My 5 Secrets to Networking Success

1.  You will learn how to choose which networking events are right for you and your business.

2.  You will learn to clarify what are networking events and what are marketing events.

3.  You will learn the systems that you must have in place to have networking success.

4.  You will learn how to convert leads to clients.

5.  You will learn to channel the energy you get from your networking addiction to working on revenue producing business activities.


You will increase your visibility, credibility, and revenue base upon successful completion of my

Networking Detox: 5 Steps to Networking Success program.


Take action NOW

before you begin attending your next round of networking events, meetings, and holiday functions.


Sign up for my $97 FREE E-course  

and receive 
 BONUS #1 - Coach Jaynine’s 10 Rules of Business Card Etiquette

       BONUS #2 - Special Report: Developing Your Presence with Your         
                                                              Business Card






“I recommend Jaynine Ray as a small business coach with the highest of accolades. Jaynine is phenomenal at assisting owners set small goals that are easily attainable. By the end of the month, I am always blown away by how much work I have accomplished. Her weekly email challenges prove to be very effective at giving me a focus for each week. I am quickly seeing my business structure become more organized!! Jaynine is fantastic at business coaching and offers so much for individuals and businesses! To boot, Jaynine is such a joy in everyone's day!” December 1, 2008


“Jaynine is an extremely talented, thought provoking life coach. She offers value to her customers. Most importantly in order to help everyone achieve great results she offers a wide variety of Free Teleclasses for anyone interested in her service. I have taken these Teleclasses and always hang up the phone with something valuable learned. I am looking forward to participating in her Business Coaching Club, I am sure my business will be much better for the experience!” September 28, 2008


“Jaynine takes her business and profession seriously, providing professional and thorough attention in a manner which enables the client to succeed. Jaynine has great listening skills and the uncanny ability to see through the situation, ask the right questions, and offer solutions in such a way that leads the client to think, "Why didn't I think of that!"” May 14, 2008

Jaynine Howard is the debt free business coach, who teaches business owners how to grow their business and increase their profits while remaining debt free. 
Coach Jaynine  provides open and honest feedback to her  clients while coaching them how to turn their dreams into $$$.


































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